Your name is Rogelio a.k.a. Roger...

          You were born in the state of North Carolina. You are Hispanic-Black with Puerto Rican roots.

          You’re famous with millions of people, across the world, seeing your face on cable and internet television every day. You authored successful selling books. You have been nominated for the golden statuette Telle Award and many other statuette awards. You have appeared in articles across the United States and the world by the Internet. You’ve made headline news on national television networks such as FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS & UPN, all because of your God given talent to talk and inspire people.  

         Then you arrived in Detroit, MI in 1988. While in Detroit, you used your God given talent to sing and write songs to help people in need.

 You are a member of the media, which is the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Michigan Chapter. You are a singer and songwriter, writing songs for charity to help clothe and feed the poor, and also writing a song which was entitled Missing Children. In 1991, you also established a charitable organization which was to educate the Detroit community about child safety and prevention techniques for protecting little children, entitled, "The Missing Children’s Project." The organization caught the attention of former Detroit Mayor, Dennis Archer, who honored you with a proclamation plaque on the behalf of your courageous efforts.



Your name is Rogelio a.k.a. Roger...

       You received an honorary Doctor of Divinity for your work in inspirational television.
You have an earned Doctorate of Christian Education, an earned Masters degree in Christian Education, and an earned Masters degree in Divinity. You also earned a Masters Degree in Communications with a double concentration in writing and education, from Spring Arbor University in Michigan.


Your name is Rogelio a.k.a. Roger...

You are the founder and president of The Godly Network, which is the first online television network. You’re the star of The Roger Mills Show, a television program watched by millions of people. WJBK Fox-2 News calls you Detroit’s “talk show host.”

In 1988, without family and friends you arrived in Detroit, in the State of Michigan, home of the Motown legacy. Then in 1991, you became a spokesman for the Missing Children’s Awareness Foundation out of Largo, Florida.

“While doing chartitable work for the Missing Children’s Foundation, I got the chance to tape a little video show. In the midst of that taping, my production crew, we laughed while looking at the video tape, and I said, “Wow, I can do that for television!” says Mills.

You created Godly Cat Productions which is the television studio that produces The Roger Mills Show. Then many cable companies and broadcast stations in the United States and Canada gave you contracts to air your show. Today your show is known throughout the world on the Godly Network, as “The Roger Mills Show.” Soon you will launch your own television Network, The Godly Network. 




“Celebrities in the music world and on the big screen sit down to chat with this interviewer, let him go on tour with them and appear on his talk show.                                       

 Although local talk/video show host Roger Mills, who lives in North Carolina, probably doesn’t have the name recognition of Oprah Winfrey and his show isn’t on a national network, Mills doesn’t have any problems scoring big in the celebrity guest market.

Mills’ guests have included Michael Jackson and athletes Shaquille O’Neal and Grant Hill. He recently interviewed Usher while the musician was on tour with Janet Jackson... ”

By April Lehmbeck                                                                   C&G Staff Writer


Your name is Rogelio a.k.a. Roger...

        You worked with industry heavyweights like legendary recording artist and producer, Quincy Jones, and superstar songwriter and singer, “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson, due to the fact you’ve created your own television production company and your own television talk show.

Not many of us can say that we are friends with Hollywood actor and grammy winning recording artist Usher. Nor can many of us say that we have met and interviewed the stars of these two films: "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER" and the sequel “I STILL KNOW”, actress "Brandy", aka Moesha, and actress "Jenifer Love Hewitt" Ms. Hewitt calls Roger “adorable!” Nor can many of us say that we stood on red carpet and interviewed actress and singer, Tatyana Ali, who is mostly known from the hit NBC television series, “THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELL AIR.”

       Well you can say all that… that’s if, of course, you are Rogelio a.k.a. Roger!