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Missing Children Project History


In 1988, Dr. Rogelio Mills arrived from North Carolina to Detroit, Michigan.

 In 1990, "The Roger Mills Show-Missing Children Project" was birthed. 

 In 1991, Dr. Mills wrote and recorded a song entitled "Missing Children" and made it a community-wide project, using students from Trombly and Defer Elementary schools of the Grosse Pointes, and the Grosse Pointe North High School choir. Dr. Mills traveled to the schools to rehearse and practice the song with the students and musicians before the recording session.

Dr. Mills recorded the song, "Missing Children" at the Recording Institute of Detroit in East Detroit/Eastpointe, Michigan, using over three-hundred vocals.

"The kids did a magnificent job." said Mills. "I was highly impressed! Especially with the little children...the way they sang and behaved. The song is by no means completed. It still needs to be mixed and should be released to the public soon, I hope."

Dr. Mills has been working with big name producers such as legendary R&B/Hip Hop producer, RJ Rice and others, to ensure that the content of the recorded song will get the attention that it so rightly deserves. 

In 1988, Dr. Mills wrote a song entitled, "It's been too long," which reflects Dr. Mills' social concerns for the poor and the homeless. Because the song did not receive airplay, no money was raised for the project. "This project [the Roger Mills Show-Missing Children’s Project is better because it is highly organized."

In 2006, the project continues. "I am calling upon all singers and musicians in the state of Michigan, throughout the United States and Canada, to lend their talent to such a worthy cause as the Missing Children's Project." said Dr. Mills.

Those who wish to become participants in "The Roger Mills Show-Missing Children's Project" or to make donations, may contact “The Roger Mills Show” by emailing, or calling 586-977-6437. 


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