Welcome to Roger's Movie Club!

The movie of the month is Devil

Review and Commentary

What is Roger's Movie Club?
 Roger's Movie Club is a club which meets once a month in which a panel watches a movie based upon submissions by rogermills.com visitors, and then discusses the theme and content of the movie. After the discussion, a brief overview, plus commentary will be posted on rogermills.com.                     
Can Anyone Become a Member?
Yes! If you submit your movie and it is chosen by the member panel, you will be invited to a post movie discussion over dinner, plus your commentary will be posted on rogermills.com.
What Type of Movies are Selected?
The movies that are selected by the panel are movies that are the most inspirational and life changing for the better.
How Do I Submit a Movie for Consideration?
To submit a movie titile for consideration, you can email it to rogermshow@aol.com. Entries must be submitted by the last day of each month to be considered for the following month.