The Roger Mills Show Missing Children Project

The following page is dedicated to the children who were brutally murdered in the State of Michigan.


Ricky Holland: 1997 - 2005

Read his story Ricky Holland
Isaac Lethbridge 2003 - 2006 Read his story Isaac Lethbridge
Tyshawn Stinson 1998 - 2006 Read his story
Tyshawn Stinson
Raven Jefferies 1998 - 2008 Read her story
Raven Jefferies
Nicholas Braman 1999 - 2008 Read his story

The Roger Mills Show’s “Missing Children Project” is also dedicated to all the children who have been missing and have not yet been found, as well as to the hundreds of children who are in foster care protective services.
- Dr. Rogelio Mills

In 1984 it was estimated in America that there was 1.8 million children missing and that 50,000 disappeared each year, never to be seen again, according to F.B.I. statistics. All but 5% are runaways. Most of whom return to their families after a short while, but that remaining 5% represents 90,000 children who disappear, being snatched away against their own will by abductors who abuse and sometimes kill their victims. Each year, 5,000 missing children are found murdered, and 40% of those children cannot be identified, leaving the parents of 2,000 children clinging precariously to the hope that their children are alive, or staving off the fear that their children might be dead.
- Carmella R. Bartimole, John E. Bartimole

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