The Roger Mills Show Goes Global! - 08/06/2008
By Tony Wichowski

First hitting Metro Detroit airwaves in the early 1990s, The Roger Mills Show quickly became a staple for scoring big interviews with many A-list celebrity heavyweights, and its unique blend of entertainment, inspiration and Christian values. Today, the show’s producers are keyed up to announce that the show will now be seen in every nation of the world!
From the start, the program’s host, Rogelio “Roger” Mills, whose cousin is legendary R&B Grammy winner Stephanie Mills, quickly began to stand out on his own as one of television’s rising stars.
On many occasions the program was number one in its timeslot, often beating network programming. Before long the program had moved into syndication across the United States, and across Canada via the Vision cable network. The program received such notoriety that Mills, who holds three earned Master Degrees and one earned doctorate degree, also received an honorary doctorate degree for his years of inspirational work in television. Mills has also received many other accolades for his inspirational work in television and other ventures.
While the program has always racked in stars such as the King of Pop Michael Jackson, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and Grammy winning recording artist Usher, who is a long-time friend of the program, true fans of the show always knew that the program was a beacon of light in the entertainment world. Mills was never shy about asking Hollywood entertainers, such as Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, about their faith in God.
Now viewers in every nation of the world will be able to see the show’s unique blend of celebrity talk-entertainment and inspirational messages. The much celebrated entertainment program has found a new home on the world’s first internet-exclusive 24-hour television network, The Godly Network! Mills, who is the founder and president of the network, is thrilled about the potential of this new medium which will have channels in various entertainment, informational and inspirational genres.
“I am so excited because this means that The Roger Mills Show can not only be seen here in America, but viewed potentially by billions around the world!” says Mills.
The Network will include nine channels, with more in the early planning stages. Some of the networks soon to be available 24 hours a day include a flagship channel, a music video/entertainment channel, a news channel, a shopping channel, a sports channel and much more.
While The Roger Mills Show will be seen in many parts of the world for the first time, it will not be the first time many people around the world have heard of Mills, who received global attention for his infamous television interview with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (then known as ‘Puff Daddy’) in 1999, which took place at Detroit radio station 105.9 WCHB.
Mills discusses the events that transpired as a result in his forthcoming book entitled, “My Showdown in Motown—with Diddy.” According to the manuscript, during the interview with Combs, an unappreciated question resulted in Mills and his crew being the victims of an assault. After Mills asked Combs what he thought about rumors linking the mogul to the death of rapper the Notorious BIG, Combs dismissed the interview. Before being allowed to leave, Mills and his crew were assaulted, and a tape of the interview was taken from them and destroyed.
Another recording, which Detroit Judge Wendy Baxter ruled the jury could not hear, would have proved that Combs ordered that attack. While Baxter’s decision caused Combs to get off scot-free, both the radio station and Comb’s public relations firm settled with Mills. Later, the appellate court agreed with Mills that Baxter should have allowed the recording as evidence, but ruled it a so-called “harmless error.”
The recording included a taped confession from the then vice president of Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy’ record label, Ron Gilyard, who stated that Combs ordered him to “get that tape.” Despite being a victim of judicial injustice, Mills has moved on now. “I have forgiven Mr. Combs.” says Mills. “I am praying for him.”
Christian ministries who may not ever afford to be on another network, will now be able to take the message of Christian forgiveness to the world. “It is the first network that is made available free of charge for those who want to preach the gospel on one of the Christian stations” said Mills. Ministries who would like to air their programming on the Godly Network are only asked to make one annual love offering set by Godly Cat Productions..
Mills believes that the network will provide a much needed service to a world that is hurting and looking for positive inspiration. “Viewers around the world can look forward to wholesome family oriented television.” says Mills.
If you have Christian or family-friendly programming that you would like to air on The Godly Network, contact the Godly Network programming office at 586-977-6437.