Movie Review 2011

Overview: A selected group of people trapped in an elevator sense that the force of evil is at work. But only a couple realize that these evil forces is none other than the Devil himself.

Release Date 2010

Commentary by Roger Mills (Panel President)

For centuries the Devil has been depicted as a mascot of folklore. His image engraved on popular art paintings, mostly recognized on the pages of biblical history, Satan (the Devil) is the personification of all that is evil. The Atheist position on his existence is disbelief. Christian dogma purports divisiveness regarding the nature of a personal Devil.

Devil in Ancient Koine Greek: diabolos (dē-ä'-bo-los), meaning: slander or accuser.

 Many religions and cultures have portrayed him as the face of evil, but film producer M. Night Shyamalan has gone a step further, attempting to unmask the Devil in his powerfully felt and Biblical truth revealing cinematic thriller, “Devil.”

 Dr. Mills

Evaluation: An excellent portrayal of the biblical Satan (the Devil)!

Ticket Rating: 5 out of 5

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