Saught and caught is dedicated primarily to the capture of criminals who have committed crimes against children. Each year crimes are committed against millions of children in the United States including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, plus neglect and abductions. Many of them, sad to say, are committed by family members or people they trust.

Here are the *statistics:

  • The number of abused or neglected children in the US annually is at the rate of 12.1 per 1000, resulting in an estimated 905,000 victims.
  • Of the 905,000 victims, 64.1% were neglected, 16% were physically abused, 8.8% were sexually abused , 6.6% suffered emotional trama and 2.2% suffered medical trama. In addition, 15.1% suffered other types of abuse such as abandonment, threats of harm and congenital drug addiction.
  • Approxamatly 87% of the maltreatment cases were committed by the parents or family members.
  • Out of all perpetrators, 60.4% committed neglect, 10.3% were physically abusive, 11.5 % commited multiple maltreatments, 10.8% committed psychological or other types of maltreatment, and 7% committed sexual abuse.
  • An estimated 1,530 children die each year because of abuse or neglect.

*2006 data

Sought and Caught was created to educate people on pedifiles, how to catch them and be aware of them in your neighborhood.

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